Many of Dr. Osmer’s prenatal clients elect to continue treatment throughout their postpartum time, especially during the first year after having a baby. Postpartum is a crucial time for connection and wellbeing for mom and baby, and Dr. Osmer is passionate about supporting women during this time.

As a BIRTHFIT Regional Director (BIRTHFIT Grand Rapids), we teach that the first 2 weeks postpartum are known as the “Co-Regulation Period” where mom and baby are getting to know one another through feeding, skin to skin contact, and rest. Therefore, Dr. Osmer recommends waiting until after that time to plan your first postpartum visit.

As the first postpartum visit, Dr. Osmer will listen to your birth story to fully understand the healing needs of your body. The examination may include assessment of the anterior abdominal wall to know if there is a diastasis rectus present as well as questions about your pelvic floor to appropriately refer out for treatment with a Pelvic Floor PT if needed.

Treatment during the postpartum time may include gentle chiropractic, rehabilitation exercises based on the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) strategies for training foundational movements, and recommendations to support adequate nourishment for healing and breastfeeding (if you choose to do so).

Dr. Osmer also coaches the BIRTHFIT Postpartum Series which is a great way to get back into exercise that is safe and effective as well as connect with other women during their Motherhood Transition.

As an involved member within the birth community of Grand Rapids, Dr. Osmer is connected with many providers that she confidently can refer you to including:

  • Lactation Consultant

  • Postpartum Doulas

  • Counseling

  • Primary Care