Welcome the New Face at FLOW!

Starting Monday, November 6th, 2017,

Dr. Osmer will have a preceptor from Palmer College of Chiropractic in the office with her. A preceptor is a student who has finished all of their graduation requirements, and wishes to spend their remaining time in school with a doctor working in the field. The preceptor has the ability to treat patients, but only under the attending doctor's supervision and consent. 

Brittnie reached out to me this last Spring to see if I would be interested in hosting her. Initially, I was very impressed with her preparedness and her thoughtfulness. She contacted me months in advance of when the application was due in order to give me enough time to think about the prospect of having a preceptor, as well as to give me enough time to get everything in to her school.  We set up a time to talk on the phone and then a time to meet in person. She has still been finishing classes and clinic hours in Davenport, IA, but was coming back and forth to Michigan frequently to visit with her family as well as work on the clinic she would be opening in Grand Rapids.

The clinic name is Dynamic Essence Chiropractic Center. To say she is busy is an understatement!
I am incredibly excited about this opportunity to teach a new doctor, as well as learn from her. Many of you know that I also teach at a local university. Being able to mentor another chiropractor, just as I was and still am mentored by several amazing doctors, has always been a goal of mine. So here we go, both feet in! 

Here is what Brittnie has to say:

Why did you go to chiropractic school?
I went to chiropractic school to bridge the gap between mind and body therapies. I’ve always been drawn to helping people live fully and authentically. I knew chiropractic combined neurology, psychology and physical wellness and was my avenue to serve at my highest ability. 

What you hope to do once fully in practice?
I hope to change the dialogue of living well in an urban settings and to make chiropractic accessible to populations it typically isn’t once fully in practice.

Why did you want to be a preceptor?
I wanted to precept with Dr. Theresa because of her integrity and knowledge. She brings a unique perspective to our profession. Precepting will allow me to see theory turned to application and work under a doctor that truly delivers whole person care.

Anything else you want to add
I look forward to learning, serving and growing at FLOW!