During this season of Thankfulness, I think of Patty.

I think of her for 3 reasons:
Reason #1 is that this is the season that she changed the direction of my professional career.
Reason #2 and reason #3 is how she did that.


Here is Patty's story...

 When you graduate as a chiropractor, you are a generalist. There is nothing wrong with being a generalist, but my vision was to find a niche that I could focus on and specialize in. About a year into practice, that niche, although an unexpected one, became crystal clear. 

Let me introduce you to a very special patient of mine who has given me permission to share her story. This patient's name is Patty. Patty, who was a healthy 20-something, came to me as a last ditch effort to help her with a chronic musculoskeletal condition. I worked with her for a few visits, and got to know her fairly well. After we resolved her condition, she opened up to me about wanting to start a family and how she was having difficulty doing so.

I told her about a technique I had just become certified in (the Webster Technique) which was used for pregnant women, but maybe using it for pelvic alignment and nervous system balancing would be helpful for fertility as well. We also discussed nutrition, yoga, meditation, and how to track her cycles. Within 2 cycles, Patty was pregnant! We cried happy tears that day, and at 13 weeks, we cried very sad tears together. She went in for her first ultrasound and found out the pregnancy was a blighted ovum. This takes me to reason #1 and #2 of why this season makes me think of Patty. Her miscarriage was right before Thanksgiving and I spent the next few weeks researching fertility and blighted ovums so that I could help Patty get through this as best I could. 

 This brings be to reason #3. Patty did get pregnant again! We returned our focus back to the things we did to help before, she was able to conceive and have a very healthy pregnancy. It was through her pregnancy that I learned so much about prenatal health. I was reading and researching right along side of her. She would come in and teach me things! Just a little over a year following her miscarriage, she had a beautiful baby boy, named Benjamin, safely at home with her husband, Joe, her midwife, and her dogs. 

 The strength and perseverance that she showed was such a powerful testament to me. I told my husband that my dream practice was working with mamas and babies all day. Almost 2 years out from starting my practice, and my dream has been realized! As much as I would love for it to be happy stories all the time, it comes with trials, sadness, and suffering. I know I become too invested in these mamas and their families, and I take it home with me, especially the days when I hear of miscarriage, still birth, or fertility struggles. However, it is the perseverance and strength that I see in these women that makes me feel inspired and want to do better every day. 

So in this season of thankfulness, I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you to all of you beautiful people who bless me with the health of yourselves and the ones you hold most near and dear to your hearts. It is an incredible responsibility that I take very seriously and will continue to learn and grow in order to best serve you. 

Many blessings always,

Dr. Theresa 

***Edits by Patty! I was trying to remember all of the details, and had a few historical errors! Patty said they found out about the miscarriage on December 1st at 10 weeks.